Now Offering Sales Optimization Workshops

Impactful Sales Messaging and Unique Value Propositions: How To Use the Language Your Clients Want To Hear

Offered in two 2-hour sessions.

Your team will be guided through the process of creating customized sales messaging and a razor sharp Unique Value Proposition that will result in fresh messaging your entire team can use to start conversations with your targeted prospects, and convert more conversations into sales.

Sales Management Best Practices 

One 2-hour session.

Learn how to create a culture of accountability with your sales team and the art of getting the most out of salespeople who are notorious for being a unique blend of independent and needy.

Designing Sales Comp Plans That Drive Results

One 2-hour session.

Are your comp plans rewarding the right behaviors and motivating your salespeople to land the right kind of new business? Learn what comp plan is right for your business and how to align the comp plan every year with your businesses objectives. 

Three-Year Sales Planning and Strategies for Reaching Goals

Two 2-hour sessions.

Do you have your destination (revenue growth, margins, new markets/verticals) mapped out for the next three years? Where do you want to be and how will you get there? In this workshop, we will create the plan to realize your sales growth vision.

Sales Person Effectiveness Training

A comprehensive targeted sales training solution that focuses on best practice sales skills, processes and procedures that positively impact individual sales performance while supporting the consistent application of customer-focused sales behaviors.

Your salespeople will learn:

  1. Better prospecting skills
  2. Improved lead qualification process 
  3. More impactful sales introductions
  4. Effective needs analysis methods
  5. Building trust via value selling
  6. Improved negotiations kills with an emphasis on win-win outcomes
  7. A proven closing process leading to higher conversion rates

This 2-day sales training course is designed to create a deep understanding of sales psychology as a core foundation and what motivates people to buy. Contact us for more information. 

Training can be conducted on-site at your business, or virtually via interactive webinar. 

Contact us for pricing and scheduling.