Our Passion Is Helping Companies Grow

Kelly Hill

Kelly’s professional passion in life is sales, and she considers it to be among the most important professions. Sales, when done right, provides the opportunity to help others improve, grow and change, and she believes the best salespeople truly are “servant minded.” The key to sales success is adding value, following process, and using metrics, all of which lead to sustainable results. 

Sales Advisors was established out of a desire to make a difference using the skills and talents acquired while contributing to the success of previous employers, including a Fortune 500 company and family-owned businesses. With sales, sales management and procurement experience, Kelly’s team understands both sides of the sales cycle. She and her team of sales experts work with business owners and business leaders to increase their revenues and create a framework for sustainable growth. She specializes in helping second stage companies as they prepare to grow and in helping established companies transition as a result of a transfer of ownership.

Kelly is a native of Florida, who was raised in Indiana and is a graduate of Purdue University. She has called Florida her home again since 2002.

Andy Settler
Vice President

Andy brings over 30 years of sales and management expertise, including over 20 years as a corporate sales executive and leader for companies with sales ranging from $2 million to $200 million.

Andy draws on his experience as a corporate executive with several multinational companies and as a former business owner and successful entrepreneur. He directly applies this experience to owner-operated companies and provides guidance in sales, marketing, finance, and operations. Andy helps his clients optimize revenue and prepare the entire organization for future growth, and leverages his sales management background to identify the gaps preventing the client from growing. Andy then creates and implements a customized plan for each client that resolves the revenue challenges. This includes building high-performance teams and growing market share.