Sales Messaging

Sales messaging is an essential part of a sales representative’s job and is crucial for the overall growth and success of the business. 

Compelling sales messaging presents more opportunities to have direct conversations with prospective buyers. 

In this video, Sales Advisors Fractional VPs of Sales CEO Kelly Hill shares three tips to make your email messaging more effective.

Sales Email Messaging Checklist


It is imperative that B2B companies hit the mark with email sales messaging. Up to 40% of B2B companies claim email messaging is critical to their success and 59% of B2B companies state that email generates more revenue than any other channel. 

To better connect with more customers, follow this checklist for steps to prepare, craft, test and tweak email messaging.

Effective Sales Messaging

When writing a message to a potential customer, many sales reps will explain what their company does, how their company is different, and why the customer should care. 

While this is important information, it can be overwhelming to include it all in an initial email. 

Make your messaging succinct, personalized, client-focused, and be sure to include a call to action. 

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Customer Focused Messaging

To be effective, sales messaging must resonate with the customer. 

In order to accomplish this, you must create customer-focused messaging that highlights customer pain points and explains how you can solve those problems. 

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