We Help Companies That Need to Do Things Differently Grow.

  • Owners and CEOs who need professional sales leadership.
  • Owner-operated companies that have grown on referrals and now need a pro-active sales approach to grow.
  • Businesses that need to pivot due to market changes. 
  • Business owners preparing to sell, who want to create business continuity to maximize the value of the company.
  • Business owners preparing for succession.
  • Sales leaders and sales people who need help improving their effectiveness.

We specialize in helping  B2B companies with specialized business models, including manufacturing, engineering, technical and specialized services. 

Client Case Study:

Based in Grand Rapids, MI, Creative Studio Promotions builds e-stores and provides warehouse fulfillment for clients who provide branded merchandise to their employees and followers. They help clients increase visibility, create value and expand their businesses. Their merchandise ranges from traditional swag like mugs and T-Shirts to eco-friendly notebooks and branded bicycles.

Co-Founders Ann Vidro and Menda Wright launched the company in 2012 and within six years, the company was generating over $3 million in revenue with 13 employees. To get to the next level of growth, Vidro and Wright entered the System for Integrated Growth (SIG) program in 2019.

One of the key areas they wanted to strengthen was their sales process.

“If we can get in front of the potential client to do a presentation, we can close the deal,” Vidro explained. “But our challenge was getting through the prospects’s doors – and getting to the right person.”

In response. SIG specialist Kelly Hill focused on shoring up the company’s approach to sales. Along with sharing sales management best practices, Hill provided information and insights on sales messaging, forecasting and customer relationship management tools.

Leveraging this knowledge, Vidro and Wright won five new accounts within a few months of their engagement, and they expect 2019 revenue to hit $4.5 million, a 40% increase over the previous year.