We Help Companies That Need to Do Things Differently Grow.

  • Owners and CEOs who need professional sales leadership.
  • Owner-operated companies that have grown on referrals and now need a pro-active sales approach to grow.
  • Businesses that need to pivot due to market changes. 
  • Business owners preparing to sell, who want to create business continuity to maximize the value of the company.
  • Business owners preparing for succession.
  • Sales leaders and sales people who need help improving their effectiveness.

We specialize in helping  B2B companies with specialized business models, including manufacturing, engineering, technical and specialized services. 

Sales Advisors of Florida helped me create a pro-active sales approach by creating everything I need to support a successful new sales department and expand our sales regionally. We got sales metrics, sales pipeline visibility, a customized on-boarding plan and a comp plan that drives the results we want to see. They also found us a highly performing salesperson who joined my company as the first dedicated outside sales person on our team. I highly recommend them if you need help building your sales organization.”
CEO, Solar Engineering Services Company

Client Case Studies:

Commercial Construction Company

Scenario: CEO had recently implemented Traction/EOS and needed to add accountability to his team for sales and marketing, and build out the sales organization.
Deliverables: Created a three-year revenue generation forecast and a comp plan that drove desired results, hired and on-boarded an experienced Business Development Rep, created the go-to-market strategy and approach, and trained the VP of Operations to manage the sales rep.
Results: Company doubled revenues in two years, and created long lasting strategic partnerships with targeted clients that helped them improve the quality of the projects they won.

Vendor Management Company

Scenario: Company had all inbound leads via referrals and the owner of the company handled all of the sales. Owner wanted to focus on adding new partnerships, wanted to build a sales team to proactively generate new recurring revenue business, and wanted to free himself up from the day-to-day management of the sales function.
Deliverables: Developed a proactive sales process and approach (sales messaging, potential client targeting, sales tools, forecast), and hired and on-boarded two regional sales people. Managed the sales people and made sure the model worked for six months, then hired a sales manager to manage the team going forward.
Results: Exceeded new client acquisition target of 35 during 2020 and freed the CEO to work on the business instead of in the business.

Engineering Company

Scenario: Sales were declining for two years due to two underperforming salespeople and a lack of experienced sales management (owner, an engineer, was managing the sales team.)
Deliverables: Replaced the two underperforming salespeople with one highly effective sales person, created a systematic approach to selling that improved the conversion rates of proposals to deals won, and reversed the revenue decline – all during a pandemic. Led the company in developing a growth mindset instead of survival mindset.
Results: Improved the company’s approach to get more projects from existing clients and added a highly effective new business development approach, leading to the company growing instead of struggling. New business revenues went from 0% percent of total revenues to 50%.