Sales Enablement Part 1: How Sales Enablement Creates Greater Success and the Ability to Scale

Sales enablement helps companies and teams move the needle where it matters most – driving sales teams to top performance and customers to brand loyalty. With over 75% of companies using sales enablement tools reporting higher sales and increased sales quota attainment, it is key to the new way of selling.

Sales enablement is crucial for overall growth and success of your sales team and can be one of the single biggest differentiators when it comes to winning business from your competitors.

What Exactly Is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is simply equipping your sales team with strategic resources needed to excel, from tools to technology to content and beyond.

The most talented sales reps stand to benefit from the right support and structure, just as top athletes benefit from the right equipment, training, and surroundings. Given that selling is now arguably more complicated with obstacles and competition, it’s easy to understand why many organizations are prioritizing sales enablement.

How Does My Company Benefit from Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement offers the clearest path for sales teams to gain competitive advantage and insight into untapped opportunities.

Adopting a sales enablement platform provides primary benefits including:

Faster Deals

By providing resources at a seller’s fingertips, you are helping to remove barriers. Sales enablement tools accelerate the process and get your sellers closing deals more quickly by providing them with better and quicker insights into customer behavior and motivations.

Better Alignment with Marketing

Sales enablement technology helps to organize content so marketers and sellers can find it easily and create messaging alignment. The right tool will allow marketing to alert reps about what content is most relevant to their audience and once that content is deployed by sales, will allow them to gauge how its helping buyers make decisions about the company during the buyer’s journey.

Scaling Success

Sales enablement tools will help eliminate distractions from manual activity-based selling and optimize processes through automation. This will ultimately allow your reps to remove tedious operational tasks and focus on selling. Sales enablement tools provide a singular ecosystem for your reps to work in and build a unified sales process, which ultimately allows you to scale more efficiently, effectively, and faster.

Stronger Data

The right sales enablement tools and unified process allows sales leaders and upper management alike to optimize their business and drive more revenue using data-driven insights. Leveraging tools like CRMs and reports creates clear insights into where the gaps are in processes, what activity is successful, and which sales reps are missing their benchmarks.

Allow Sellers to Spend More Time Selling

The main reason sales organizations are adopting sales enablement practices is increased revenue as a result of improved effectiveness. By reducing the length of the sales cycle and increasing efficiency through tools and resources, your sales reps will have more time to do what they do best: sell!

What Now?

In the next post, we’ll continue this conversation and explore the types of sales enablement tools that have helped my clients and others to:

  • Achieve internal alignment.
  • Gain greater data insights.
  • Shorten sales cycles.
  • Increase overall sales.

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