How to Make Messaging All About the Customer

Messaging is so important in business, yet if not done right, it can cost you the opportunity to reach customers who really need and want what you offer, permanently. In my video below, I review the importance of messaging with your solution to your customer’s problem in mind and share three ways to craft your message around your customers. The trick is to think like the buyer – what catches their attention and motivates them to respond?

1. Unique Value Proposition
This is incredibly important, as it defines the value that you bring to your customer and is what sets you apart from your competitors. So many businesses lack a well thought out value proposition or use messaging that is too long and wordy. And you may need a UVP for each major component of your business – not just one. Keep it straightforward and succinct – and include what problem you solve for your customers and the benefit they receive from working with you.
2. Website
Websites, these days, are validations of your company’s credibility and reputation, in addition to helping visitors understand why they’d want to choose you. This is where your value proposition should shine. Your website should be laid out so that it communicates with your customers clearly and directly. It should tell AND show them why they should choose you and what you do differently. Navigation should be intuitive, and customers should be able to find out right away how to contact you. 
Prop Tip: Refresh your website at least annually. Even if your website isn’t updated with blogs or videos, you need to refresh the design and content regularly to be seen as current. 
3. Email 
Another key way to communicate your value proposition, email is ideal for outreach messaging to customers. You need an impactful subject line and then you need to lead with what you do and what problem you solve for your customer and the results of working with you. Leave the “who you are” details for the next conversation. 
The right messaging will guide qualified leads to you, then you’ll be able to have more meaningful conversations that lead to more sales conversions. If you have not been getting the traction you’d like to see from your sales outreach, it’s likely you are using the wrong messaging. If you’d like to improve your business messaging and in turn, your sales, take my 10-question sales assessment or contact me to start a sales conversation.