Be Prepared – Make a Recession Plan for Your Business | September 2022 Newsletter

September 2022

Be Prepared – Make a Recession Plan for Your Business

by Kelly Hill, President, Sales Advisors of Florida

Every recession or economic downturn is different. What we DO know is that historically economic climate changes happen very suddenly, regardless of warning signs. Unemployment rises, there is less consumer spending, and businesses make fewer sales. Recent changes to the housing market is a good example of how radical changes to buyer habits can happen overnight.

Have you given any thought to how you can plan for resilience during an economic downturn? It is game changing to be proactive to mitigate the impact of a recession on your business.

Here are some tips to help you with your recession plan.

Sales Compensation Plan

Is your sales compensation plan effective? An effective plan is key to motivating sales reps to achieve and even surpass goals. It also helps to:

  • Set the performance standard
  • Establish guidelines for career progression
  • Boost sales
  • Increase engagement
  • Reduce turnover

Download our Sales Compensation Plan Checklist for tips to prepare and create a plan that works and is aligned with your company’s objectives.

Growth Success Story

drink manufacturer business growth

A craft Kombucha manufacturer had scaled up their production capacity and sought to increase their customer base by expanding their product placement to larger retailers. After re-writing the pitch deck and coaching the CEO in how to frame conversations and follow up with the buyer, the Kombucha company won the retailer’s business, effectively doubling the annual revenues and setting the company up for future expansion.

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